Practice With A Pro


Practice with a pro is intended for trumpet players of all levels. 


It is imperative for any developing player or professional player to spend time each day on the fundamentals of brass playing. The Practice With A Pro play-a-longs will allow you to trade off exercises with a professional trumpet player, Matthew Anklan. 


These play-a-longs are not intended to replace private lessons. Private lessons offer targeted feedback that is necessary for continued growth and development. What this does offer, however, is the opportunity to hear how a professional trumpet player approaches the same fundamental exercises practiced by many people around the world, and space is left in between each exercise so you can “trade-off” during your practice session.


Trading-off the exercises will encourage you to rest as much as you play, which is essential to developing the kind of chops that will last all day. Don’t just play something, sit there! 

Practice With A Pro Exercises