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Recommended Gear

"The instrument is an extension of the body. The body, mouthpiece, and instrument must be a balanced system. The right mouthpiece or instrument varies from player to player. When choosing a mouthpiece or instrument, be concerned with the sound and pitch first. Begin with medium equipment (for example, medium large bore trumpets and a Bach mouthpiece between 7C and 3C, or a Schilke or Yamaha mouthpiece between 11 and 15). You must grow into very large or very small mouthpieces. A new instrument or mouthpiece won't compensate for inadequate practice or poor habits. An inferior or poorly maintained instrument or mouthpiece will hamper your development.

Various types of playing require various instruments besides the Bb trumpet. Symphonic players use the C trumpet to a great extent and also have frequent call for both Bb and A piccolo trumpets, and the D and Eb trumpets. Studio trumpet players and big band lead and section players use the Bb trumpet and flugelhorn, and increasingly, the Bb piccolo trumpet. Jazz improvisors use Bb trumpet and flugelhorn extensively. Recently there seems to be a renaissance of interest in the cornet as well. Most players agree that while it is neccessary to use different mouthpieces for some of these instruments, it is best to choose mouthpieces with similar shape and dimensions to the rim. Screw-rim mouthpieces can be helpful for trumpet players who need to double."

- Pat Harbison, edt. Matthew Anklan


Karl Hammond Design

Pickett Brass

GR Mouthpieces

Bob Reeves

Vincent Bach




J. Fred Powell Signature Trumpets


Vincent Bach

Conn Vintage One

Blackburn Trumpets



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