Who did Matthew study trumpet with?


Matthew's approach to practicing and teaching the trumpet primarily comes from William Adam. Matthew studied extensively with Gregory Wing, Mark Wilcox, and Scott Belck. Other prominent influences on Matthew's pedagogy come from Vincent DiMartino, Brad Goode, and Pat Harbison.

Where can I take lessons?


Matthew teaches lessons in Mason, OH, and at his home in Cincinnati, OH. Matthew also teaches lessons to registered students at Xavier University. Contact Matthew for more information on becoming a part of his studio.

What is Matthew's teaching philosophy? 


Each student presents a different set of challenges, and has their own unique musical goals. No matter the style of music, the musical intent is always the goal. The basic production of a beautiful trumpet sound is the basis and foundation of everything; range, technique, flexibility, and so on. Through a thoughtfully perscribed "daily routine" targeted at each student's unique needs, Matthew will guide the student to success. However, it is up to the student to put in the hours needed each day to ensure continued musical growth.




What should I bring to my first lesson?


Obviously you will need your trumpet and all neccessary accessories (mouthpiece, valve oil, etc.) but you should also bring any music you are currently working on. "You can't adjust the carburetor without first turning on the engine." In other words, Matthew needs to hear you play in order to help you move on to the next level. If you have specific questions about lessons, please contact Matthew via the contact page.


Frequently Asked Questions about Lessons