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Lessons with Matthew are available online! CLICK HERE for current availability and pricing.


Students of Matthew Anklan typically learn a comprehensive approach to trumpet playing, focusing on fundamentals like embouchure development, breathing techniques, tone production, articulation, and musical interpretation. Anklan emphasizes a strong foundation in classical trumpet playing while also encouraging versatility across various musical styles. His teaching method is often personalized instruction tailored to each student's individual needs and goals.


Master Classes

A master class with Matthew Anklan is an interactive, informative and entertaining experience for players at any level. Matthew is an incredibly versatile trumpet player with vast experience as a performer and teacher. The subject matter covered ranges from musical performance, to practice room techniques, to career development and managing the business affairs of being a freelance musician. 


“Matthew is an amazing musician and his performance with our students was inspiring!” - Steven Lytle, Miami University


“Matthew Anklan is one of the most promising young musicians I have heard in a long time.” - Rob Parton, Capitol University


“The time Matthew spent with my trumpet section has had a lasting impact; the work he did with them is truly amazing!” -Paul Glader, Taylor High School


Possible Master Class Topics

  • Managing Performance Anxiety

  • The Conscious Mind and Sub-Conscious Mind; how they affect our self confidence and ability to concentrate in performance

  • Understanding Isometric and Kinesthetic Responses and their importance in brass performance

  • How to Develop and Maintain the Upper Register

  • How to Develop a Great Trumpet Sound

  • Jazz Trumpet? Classical Trumpet? How to do it ALL

  • Proper Gear Selection

  • Planning for Retirement

  • How to Build a Private Lessons Studio

  • How to Get Gigs and Promote your Band


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