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Lessons with Matthew are available online! CLICK HERE for current availability and pricing.


With a strong focus on fundamental development, musicianship, and performance preparation, Matthew's students are always equipped for success in any setting.


Master Classes

A master class with Matthew Anklan is an interactive, informative and entertaining experience for players at any level. Matthew is an incredibly versatile trumpet player with vast experience as a performer and teacher. The subject matter covered ranges from musical performance, to practice room techniques, to career development and managing the business affairs of being a freelance musician. 


“Matthew is an amazing musician and his performance with our students was inspiring!” - Steven Lytle, Miami University


“Matthew Anklan is one of the most promising young musicians I have heard in a long time.” - Rob Parton, Capitol University


“The time Matthew spent with my trumpet section has had a lasting impact; the work he did with them is truly amazing!” -Paul Glader, Taylor High School


Possible Master Class Topics

  • Managing Performance Anxiety

  • The Conscious Mind and Sub-Conscious Mind; how they affect our self confidence and ability to concentrate in performance

  • Understanding Isometric and Kinesthetic Responses and their importance in brass performance

  • How to Develop and Maintain the Upper Register

  • How to Develop a Great Trumpet Sound

  • Jazz Trumpet? Classical Trumpet? How to do it ALL

  • Proper Gear Selection

  • Planning for Retirement

  • How to Build a Private Lessons Studio

  • How to Get Gigs and Promote your Band


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