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Free Musical Resources

Suggested Websites



  • Kanstul Comparator - Kanstul has digital scans of most of the popular mouthpiece brands. Using this tool you can overlay these scans and compare mouthpiece cups and rim contours against what you currently play!



  • ​Trumpet Excerpts - Great recordings and copies of the most popular trumpet excerpts found on Orchestral Auditions


Free Books & Sheet Music






Practice Recordings





Computer Software

  • Transcribe - Useful for slowing down music files, changing pitch, isolating different frequencies, and more for transcribing!


  • Finale - My preferred music notation software since 2003!


  • Finale NotePad - Free "Lite" version of Finale. It is limited to 8 different instrument per score but you can read and edit music from the full version of Finale.


  • MuseScore - Free music composition software.


  • Strobosoft 2.0 VST/AU Software - Great computer-based tuner that also works on tablets running Windows. It does have a version available for Mac as well. For iOS devices, you can use, iStroboSoft - the Peterson StroboTuner app.




Mobile Apps



  • Pano Tuner - FREE Chromatic Tuner. It is very basic but for free you can't beat it!




  • iReal b - Real Book app that gives chord changes and plays rhythm section accompaniment. It not longer comes with the normal song library included but you can find the library with a simple internet search.

  • Anytune - Great FREE app to slow things down but with more control with most. Also has a wave form display like Audacity.

  • Tempo SlowMo - Another great FREE app if all you want to do is slow down a recording. This is helpful for transcribing solos to hear all of the details.

  • Amazing Slow Downer - Allows you to loop, slow down, speed up, or change they key of any MP3 recording. This one you have to pay for but it is my personal favorite.



  • Remote - iTunes remote software to be able to control your computer and iTunes library from your iOS device


  • Acapella - Great App for doing multiple parts at once. I have a number of videos on my YouTube Channel and home page of this website utilizing this great App. Wonderful tool for practicing your ensemble playing or creating something cool!



  • Pro Metronome - Great FREE metronome app that has a tempo tap feature. You can upgrade to the paid version to get subdivisions if you wish but I would just purchase the next one down on my list.


  • Metronome - Great subdiving metronome with most of the features of an expensive Dr. Beat


  • Dr.Betotte TC - Most like the Dr. Beat but optimized for iPhone.



  • Fingerings - App for fingers for every instrument including alternates and trills.


  • Harmonic Ear Trainer - This is a great app to help with your Aural Theory Skills. This will play both intervals and chords for you.



  • GoodReader - My favorite PDF reader and organizer for my iPad. Allows annotations, air print, multiple version saves, and more


  • forScore - I use this for musical scores and recordings can be attached right to each document. You can also annotate via stylus.


  • Kindle App - If you want something FREE and basic to read PDF files you can always use the Kindle App. You can't annotate files but you can use bookmarks and navigate fairly easily.



  • Tascam PCMRecorder - Good quality mono and stereo recordings with this FREE app. It has direct SoundCloud upload capability or you can download the files with iTunes when you sync your device with your computer.


  • MultiTrack DAW - Great easy to use recorder that allows you to record up to 24 tracks. This is a good alternative to GarageBand and works on older devices such as the original iPad or iPhone 3GS.

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