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MyGigLife - Track Your Gig Income

In this day and age most of us play a large number of freelance gigs, or have side hustles to help make ends meet. Keeping track of these gigs for your own financial records, for taxes, or for creating a budget can be a daunting task - even for the best of us. For many years now, I have used a spreadsheet to track these gigs, what they pay, and records of past clients. Today, I am happy to share with you this same spreadsheet, and my hope is that it will make your life so much better.

Tracking your income is vital, especially for the countless gigs without 1099s attached. If you ever want to own a home, buy a car, get a line of credit, etc. you will need to show a record of your earnings. Never lose track of your finances again with MyGigLife.

A variant of this did exist online, however it is no longer available. I'm bringing it back, as good as ever, and the best part is, I'm giving it to you for free.

MyGigLife is fairly robust, each column with special formulas to help you budget, track, and plan your next financial move. You can reuse the same template year after year, or edit the columns to meet your specific needs.

Column A: Write something descriptive about the type of gig you are performing.

Column B & C: Dates of engagement

Column D & E: Start and end time of engagement

Column F: Location

Column G: Agreed upon terms of engagement

Column H: Total pay expected

Column I: Total pay received

Column J, K, & L: Contact info for the client

Column M: Insert the month number of the engagement

You will also see tabs with the following categories:

Gigs: This is where you input all of the above data

Analysis: This is a month-by-month total of all your income

Cash Flow Chart: This plots on a graph your earnings - easy to see which months are more robust

Summary: This shows your total expected, actual earned, and projected salary at current trend

Happy gigging!

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